Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hot Air in Ample Supply

I'm participating in my first GDC this year, as part of the all-day Level Design Workshop on tutorial day two. We'll be covering all aspects of production level design with an emphasis on Unreal. Specifically, I'm preparing a section on the level designer as a storyteller, so I'll be going into some detail on environmental narrative and what I'm calling snapshot stories. Coray Seifert has assembled a great panel for the talk, and I'm as excited to learn from these guys as much as anything else at GDC 2010.

I'm not a seasoned public speaker (powerp-wha?), so Ron Weaver at FIEA was gracious enough to let me speak at the school last weekend. I gave a talk on, predictably, Level Design. Specifically, I talked about the core responsibilities of the discipline which is defined with the most variation of any title in the industry. I had a great time and learned a lot about myself as a speaker. I got to meet a bunch of very nice people who came out for the talk, too!

I'll probably clean up my slides and post them here later on, as much to archive them for myself as anything. I ended up adding a good amount of whiteboard content to the FIEA talk, so I think I may try to make some slides covering that before I post anything online.

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