Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm one chatty Kathy...

Seems like I can't stop running my mouth in 2010.  I sat down with community manager Nick Breckon (of former Idle Thumbs glory) recently and chatted about the excellent Inception.  Snippets of this conversation made it onto the Bethblog as part of a series Nick is running. He was kind enough to edit the significant portions of inane rambling and keep things pretty relevant to game design.  Just the facts, m'am.

I'm also hopping a flight to Dallas for QuakeCon!  I'm on the "World of Design" panel with Matt Hooper from id, Neil Alphonso of Splash Damage, and Todd Alderman from Respawn.  I'm pretty excited and honored to be going.  It's my first QuakeCon, and these are some pretty great guys to share the table with.

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