Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GDC Slides: Level Designer, Storyteller

I was hesitant to release my slides as-is, but I decided to go ahead and make them available. I'm not sure how much use they are by themselves, but they should at least be handy as a refresher for folks who were able to attend. Speaking of those who were able to attend, here's where every one of them was awesome and went along with my prodding to do the wave before the talk began:

We actually had such a great turnout that GDC didn't have space for group tables, so I had to cut my exercises. Instead, the wave was a last-minute idea to get people off their feet at the end of the day, since I was sort of relying upon the exercises to keep everyone engaged for an hour. Thanks to this cut, I ended up showing a video example of some LD storytelling techniques in Fallout 3, which I had removed from earlier versions of the talk.

Thanks again to everyone who came out! The Level Design sessions were a huge success, and I hope everyone enjoyed attending as much as we did putting them together. Who knows, maybe we'll be back next year! Here's the file for your downloading pleasure.
P.S. - If anybody knows a good way to embed a powerpoint with slide animations intact, let me know! Lots of my slides are unreadable without these, and I'd like for folks without Office 2007 to be able to benefit from them, too.


Unknown said...

Hey Joel,
I was at the Level Design in a Day summit (I also spoke to you at the bar afterwards, my name is Craig). You put on a great presentation.

In fact, it was so great that I wrote an article on ModDB that summarized part of your talk. I hope you don't mind. You can see it here: http://www.moddb.com/members/cesig/features/tips-from-the-experts-for-getting-into-the-industry

Thanks again, and you should definitely put on more presentations like this one!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jeff Leung said...

Hi Joel,
Thanks for putting this up. "Gestalt the player".. that's a really great guideline. Is the full video of your talk available anywhere?

Joel said...

@Craig - Thanks for the mention. It was great fun to meet everyone afterwards.

@Jeff - I'm sorry, but the talk wasn't recorded. If I give this or any other talks in the future, I'll make an effort to get audio or video to post afterwards.